Welcome to my Campaign, Seventh Crystal. For those of you who don’t know about my campaign already, here’s a small introduction.

Ages ago, there was a great conflict among the Gods, whether or not they were to interfere among the mortals, or with any part of the planet. In the end, it was decided that they should not, although some still become involved indirectly. This story is about a lesser known follower of the Gods who wished for their renewed involvement. This story is about Tu’Vik, the Deceiver.

1000 years ago, during the great conflict, Tu’Vik was a follower of the Vecna, Goddess of Secrets. He served as an informant, assassin, and hand-servant to his goddess. Near the end of the conflict, he set out on a secret journey to seal away these gods who desired to stay out of the conflict, leaving the others to do as they pleased with the world. Before he could finish his task, the Gods had finished their conflict, and Tu’Vik, along with some of Vecna’s other followers, had been banished from the heavens. Angered at the Gods for banishing him, and especially at Vecna for allowing it, Tu’Vik and his colleagues set out on a new goal, to make themselves Gods, and punish those that had forsaken them.

It is now 500 years after the great conflict. The world has forgotten about many of the names that were involved in it, except one. Tu’Vik, in his quest to become a god, has amassed a great number of followers. He has made several attempts to become a god, each of which has failed. During one of his spiritual quests, he speaks with another of the Fallen, as the banished followers call themselves, and finds out a new path. He must create seven crystals, each one representing something he must prove to become a god. Each one is hard to make, and requires great sacrifice. He begins his task in secret, storing the crystals around the continent Pelas.

After some time, these crystals were discovered by mortals. They discovered that they had unbelievable magical powers. For good or worse, they took them to the cities of Pelas. Each one had unbelievable effects on the towns, ranging from deadly plagues, to immortality among some citizens.

In the present, just under the millennial anniversary of the ending of the conflict, six of these crystals have been completed, and the people have begun preparing for their celebrations. Unbeknownst to them, Tu’Vik is hard at work on his final step, and it will take a special group of heroes to undermine him, and save the world from the God of Deception and Revenge.

Seventh Crystal